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May 22, 2017

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May 22, 2017

Men With Restless Legs Syndrome May Be at Higher Risk of Early Death

June 12, 2013 — Men who experience restless legs syndrome (RLS) may have a higher risk of dying earlier, according to new ... read more

The Protein Profile of Restless Leg Syndrome

June 6, 2013 — A protein profile of people with restless leg syndrome (RLS) identifies factors behind disrupted sleep, cardiovascular dysfunction and pain, according to new research. The research gives insights ... read more

Restless Legs Syndrome, Insomnia and Brain Chemistry: A Tangled Mystery Solved?

May 7, 2013 — Researchers believe they may have discovered an explanation for the sleepless nights associated with restless legs syndrome, a symptom that persists even when the disruptive, overwhelming nocturnal ... read more

Flies With Restless Legs Syndrome Point to a Genetic Cause

May 31, 2012 — When flies are made to lose a gene with links to Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), they suffer the same sleep disturbances and restlessness that human patients do. The findings strongly suggest a genetic ... read more

People With Parkinson's Disease More Likely to Have Leg Restlessness Than Restless Leg Syndrome

Nov. 9, 2011 — People with Parkinson's disease may be more likely to have a movement disorder called leg motor restlessness, but not true restless legs syndrome as previous studies have suggested, according to ... read more

Restless Legs Syndrome May Raise High Blood Pressure Risk in Middle-Aged Women

Oct. 10, 2011 — Middle-aged women with restless legs syndrome have an increased risk of hypertension. As symptoms of restless legs syndrome increase, the prevalence of high blood pressure ... read more

New Gene Identified for Restless Legs Syndrome

July 14, 2011 — People suffering from restless legs syndrome experience unpleasant sensations in the legs at night for which the only remedy is movement. Now, scientists have identified new genetic risk factors for ... read more

Parkinson's Drug Could Treat Restless Leg Syndrome, Study Suggests

Dec. 6, 2010 — A drug prescribed for Parkinson's disease may also treat restless leg syndrome without the adverse side effects of current therapies, researchers ... read more

Have Restless Legs Syndrome During Pregnancy? It May Reappear Later on

Dec. 6, 2010 — Women with transient restless legs syndrome (RLS) during pregnancy appear to be at a higher risk of developing a chronic form of RLS later in life or have the same symptoms during future pregnancies, ... read more

High Rate of Restless Legs Syndrome Found in Adults With Fibromyalgia

Oct. 15, 2010 — A new study finds that adults with fibromyalgia had a much higher prevalence and risk of restless legs syndrome than healthy controls. The study suggests that treating RLS may improve sleep and ... read more

Restless Legs Syndrome: French-Canadian Families at Higher Risk

May 10, 2010 — Restless legs syndrome, which causes an irresistible desire to move legs, appears to be a hereditary condition that's more prominent among French Canadian women and may be caused by a ... read more

Restless Leg Syndrome Linked to Erectile Dysfunction in Older Men

Jan. 1, 2010 — A new study shows that erectile dysfunction was more common in older men with restless leg syndrome (RLS) than in those without RLS, and the magnitude of this association increased with a higher ... read more

Race Is Strong Predictor For Restless Legs Syndrome, Study Finds

Nov. 2, 2009 — New research shows that Caucasian women may suffer from restless legs syndrome, a sleep disorder characterized by the strong urge to move the legs, up to four times more than African-American ... read more

Potential Pathogenic Mutation For Restless Legs Syndrome

July 21, 2009 — Scientists have found what they believe is the first mutated gene linked to restless legs syndrome, a common neurologic ... read more

Restless Legs Syndrome: New Treatment Improves Sleep

Apr. 29, 2009 — A drug widely used to treat seizures and anxiety appears to be an effective treatment for restless legs syndrome and helps people with the disorder get a better night's sleep, according to a new ... read more

Big Belly And Obesity Linked To Increased Risk Of Restless Legs Syndrome

Apr. 6, 2009 — A new study shows both obesity and a large belly appear to increase the risk of developing restless legs syndrome, a common sleep disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move your ... read more

Researchers Suspect Novel Gene Is Causing Restless Legs Syndrome In A Large Family

Feb. 3, 2009 — In 2005, a woman who had trouble sleeping asked for help from a sleep disorders specialist and was diagnosed with restless legs syndrome. This common neurologic disorder interrupts sleep because of ... read more

Pregnancy-Related Hormonal Changes Linked To Increased Risk Of Restless Legs Syndrome

Feb. 1, 2009 — A new study shows that the elevation in estradiol levels that occurs during pregnancy is more pronounced in pregnant women with restless legs syndrome than in ... read more

Persistent Imminent Orgasms In Women Are Associated With Restless Legs

Dec. 16, 2008 — Persistent imminent orgasms in women are associated with restless legs and overactive bladder. Scientists studied 18 Dutch women with Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome. Women affected by this rare ... read more

Restless Legs Syndrome Doubles Risk Of Stroke And Heart Disease, Study Shows

Dec. 31, 2007 — People with restless legs syndrome are twice as likely to have a stroke or heart disease compared to people without RLS, and the risk is greatest in those with the most frequent and severe symptoms, ... read more

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