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Dentistry News

February 29, 2024

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Researchers have found that gargling with an antiseptic mouthwash can reduce so-called 'bad' bacteria in the mouths of patients with type 2 diabetes. Notably, this reduction in bacteria was accompanied by improved blood-sugar control in some ...
Researchers found that the oral bacterium Streptococcus gordonii activates another bacterial species, Fusobacterium nucleatum, to produce large quantities of methyl mercaptan, a compound responsible for bad breath. Disrupting this interaction could ...
Bacteria in the mouth may play a role in survival from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), finds a new ...
Rickets ran rife in children following the Industrial Revolution, but new research has found factory work and polluted cities aren't entirely to blame for the period's vitamin D ...
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Americans who have a tooth pulled or another painful dental procedure in the United States today are far less likely to get opioid painkillers than they were just a few years ago, a new study shows. ...

Teeth could be capable of preserving antibodies for hundreds of years, allowing scientists to investigate the history of infectious human diseases, a new study has ...

Organoids have now been created from stem cells to secrete the proteins that form dental enamel, the substance that protects teeth from damage and decay. A multi-disciplinary team of scientists led ...

Although most people don't associate oral disease with serious health problems, increasing evidence shows that oral bacteria play a significant role in systemic diseases like colon cancer and ...

Taking good care of your teeth may be linked to better brain health, according to a new study. The study found that gum disease and tooth loss were linked to brain shrinkage in the hippocampus, which ...

Researchers have successfully demonstrated the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in detecting gum inflammation, also known as gingivitis, from intraoral ...

Researchers have investigated the importance of the Notch pathway for the evolution of tooth morphology. Mutations in this signalling pathway can lead to defective structures in tooth ...

Large study in children reveals Selenomonas sputigena as a key partner of Streptococcus in cavity ...

Researchers have identified three 4,000-year-old British cases of Yersinia pestis, the bacteria causing the plague -- the oldest evidence of the plague in Britain to ...

Young babies and newborn mice can naturally heal damage to the bones that form the top of the skull, but this ability is lost in adults. Researchers developed a novel approach that promoted bone ...

Scientists have developed an osteogenic barrier coating material that maximizes the effect of guided bone regeneration (GBR) for implant ...

Researchers have discovered that softer gums hinder the development of gingiva fibroblasts -- the cells that help produce the fibers that hold our teeth in ...

Researchers have developed a single score to describe the level of cytokines in the saliva, and this score is linked with the severity of clinical gum ...

In a study of nearly 3,000 schoolchildren, silver diamine fluoride -- a liquid that is brushed onto the surface of teeth to prevent cavities or keep them from worsening -- was as effective against ...

Periodontitis, a gum disease, can lead to a litany of dental issues from bad breath to bleeding and lost teeth. Now, researchers have found that it could be connected to even more severe problems ...

Researchers have developed a new strontium-loaded scaffold that can be personalized to fit any size dental implant and could help improve healing and tissue attachment in ...

Researchers have examined the records of 87 patients admitted to hospital with brain abscesses, and found that the 52 patients for whom no cause had been found were about three times as likely to ...

Researchers have found that patients who said they used vaping devices were more likely to have a higher risk of developing ...

An innovative technology has been developed to enable bone regeneration to correct large bone defects by means of a special hydrogel. Following successful tests in an animal model, the researchers ...

A new study has provided evidence that exposure to fluoridated water by young children was not negatively associated with child emotional, behavioral development and executive functioning in their ...

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