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Bone and Spine News

April 23, 2024

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Aiming to shorten fracture recovery times, a research group is focusing on plasma irradiation as a treatment method to speed up bone ...
Scientists can make high resolution images of the human spinal cord during surgery. The advancement could help bring real relief to millions suffering chronic back ...
Anthropologists working with a hematologist colleague have developed a way to detect anemia in archaeological remains through microscopic patterns in the structures of ...
With ever-increasing life expectancy comes the challenge of treating age-related disorders such as osteoporosis. Although there are effective drugs for treating this metabolic bone disease, they can be expensive and have side effects, limiting their ...

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The new diagnostic methodology, which will enable anticipating and preventing a greater number of cases of femur fracture, is the result of research conducted under a public-private ...

Treatment with a molecule known as A485 can quickly and temporarily increase levels of white blood cells, a critical part of the body's immune system, an effect that is difficult to deliver with ...

A major clinical trial has found that vitamin D supplements do not increase bone strength or prevent bone fractures in children with vitamin D deficiency. The findings challenge widely held ...

Youth baseball players are prone to elbow pain and injuries, including repetitive overuse changes and fractures, based on the maturity of their bones, according to a new ...

Researchers discovered a mechanism for repairing damaged nerves during peripheral neuropathy in mice, wherein the protein Mitf orchestrates nerve repair after both trauma-induced and chronic nerve ...

Researchers have developed a new surgical implant that has the potential to transform the treatment of complex bone infections. When implanted on an injured or infected bone, the material can not ...

A novel surgical implant was able to kill 87% of the bacteria that cause staph infections in laboratory tests, while remaining strong and compatible with surrounding tissue like current implants. The ...

A tension-activated repair patch used in animal trials plugs holes in discs in the spine like car tire patches and could prevent further disease ...

A team has mapped the location and spatial features of blood-forming cells within human bone marrow. Their findings confirm hypotheses about the anatomy of this tissue and provide a powerful new ...

An existing drug that targets senescent, or sleeping cells could provide the answer to treating lower back pain, according to a new ...

Research finds an overlap in the mechanism of hair color determination and bone resorption, which is associated with bone related diseases like osteoporosis. The findings revealed that proteins named ...

Imaging technology shows that bone-resorbing osteoclasts gather in distinct pockets, leading to new insights for osteoporosis and cancer ...

Cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) might someday help bone fracture patients manage their pain, according to a new study. In a study in mice, the researchers unexpectedly found that the ...

Researchers conducted a phase I pilot study to assess the feasibility of using potato starch as a dietary intervention to modify the gut microbiome in bone marrow transplant patients. The study is ...

Artificial intelligence has exploded in popularity and is being harnessed by some scientists to predict which molecules could treat illnesses, or to quickly screen existing medicines for new ...

A multisite, international phase 2 trial evaluating the investigational drug garetosmab has shown that it reduced soft-tissue flare-ups significantly and prevented new areas of abnormal bone ...

A biobank for all, in which a person from any background could find a bone marrow donor for a stem cell transplant, is a major goal for stem cell science. While repositories of cell lines that could ...

A cellular signal essential to development of the skeleton increases abnormally during aging to weaken ...

A research group has found a promising drug candidate for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor CDNF prolongs the lifespan of and alleviates ...

In a new study in mice, researchers have uncovered a crucial component for restoring functional activity after spinal cord injury. The neuroscientists have shown that re-growing specific neurons back ...

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