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Bone and Spine News
February 20, 2017

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February 20, 2017

Mind the (Osteoporosis Treatment) Gap

Feb. 14, 2017 — A new review, referencing key clinical studies, guidelines and audits, outlines the main global challenges (and their solutions) facing healthcare professionals and policymakers responsible for ... read more

Radiation Therapy Continues to Be Gold Standard for Palliative Care of Painful Bone Metastases

Feb. 14, 2017 — An updated clinical guideline has been published that underscores the safety and effectiveness of palliative radiation therapy (RT) for treating painful bone ... read more

Insights on Optimal Treatment of Paget's Disease of Bone

Feb. 8, 2017 — In a study of patients with Paget's disease of bone -- a common skeletal disorder that can lead to bone deformity, fractures, osteoarthritis, and bone pain -- long-term intensive bisphosphonate ... read more

Feb. 1, 2017 — A new radiotracer has been developed to diagnose prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the fifth leading cause of death worldwide and is especially difficult to diagnose. While prostate cancer is ... read more

Feb. 1, 2017 — Researchers document the first-in-human application of a new imaging agent to help find prostate cancer in both early and advanced stages and plan treatment. The study indicates that the new agent -- ... read more

Feb. 1, 2017 — The unpleasant sensation sparked by the nervous system when confronted with a harmful stimulus can be alleviated by blocking a genetic marker that switches off the activity of the neurons involved. A ... read more

Clue to How Cancer Cells Spread

Jan. 30, 2017 — In a second human case, a research team has found that a melanoma cell and a white blood cell can fuse to form a hybrid with the ability to metastasize. The finding provides further insight into how ... read more

Jan. 30, 2017 — Osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease, is a genetic disorder that causes bones to break easily. Severe cases of the disease can result in hundreds of fractures during a ... read more

Bone Markers as Screening Strategy for Patient Adherence to Osteoporosis Medications

Jan. 30, 2017 — A new position paper proposes measuring specific bone turnover markers (BTMs) in patients who have initiated use of oral bisphosphonates for postmenopausal osteoporosis as a practical way to identify ... read more

Examining Women's Bones During Menopause May Help Head Off Fractures

Jan. 26, 2017 — A new study examined the bone traits of 198 midlife women transitioning through menopause for 14 years. The goal: identifying women who will experience bone fragility well in advance of ... read more

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Could Reduce Risk of Bone Loss in Women

Jan. 26, 2017 — Anti-inflammatory diets -- which tend to be high in vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains -- could boost bone health and prevent fractures in some women, a new study ... read more

Universal CAR T Cell Therapy Helps Beat a Hard-to-Treat Pediatric Cancer

Jan. 25, 2017 — Two infants diagnosed with a relapsed form of childhood cancer who had previously exhausted all other treatment options remain disease-free after receiving a first-in-human experimental therapy that ... read more

Scientists Identify Bone Degradation Process Within Metastatic Breast Cancer

Jan. 25, 2017 — Once breast cancer spreads through the body, it can degrade a patient's healthy bones, causing numerous problems. Scientists have identified a new way that bones get destroyed through cancer. ... read more

Generating Improvement in Spinal Cord Injuries

Jan. 24, 2017 — Results from an ongoing treatment for spinal cord injury research study were announced by the biotechnology company that manufactures ... read more

Serum micoRNAs May Serve as Biomarkers for Multiple Sclerosis

Jan. 23, 2017 — Serum micoRNAs may serve as biomarkers for multiple sclerosis, say researchers at conclusion of a new ... read more

Evaluation of the Effects of Laser Tissue Welding for Spina Bifida Repair

Jan. 23, 2017 — Spina Bifia is a birth defect where there is incomplete closure of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord. It affects more than 4,000 children born each year in the U.S. and is associated ... read more

Evaluation of the Use of Human Umbilical Cord for in-Utero Spina Bifida Repair

Jan. 23, 2017 — Spina Bifida is a birth defect where there is an incomplete closure of the backbone and the coverings around the spinal cord. It affects more than 4,000 children born each year in the United States ... read more

New Stem Cell Technique Shows Promise for Bone Repair

Jan. 20, 2017 — A new study has introduced a new treatment for skeletal system injuries, using stem cells from human bone marrow and a carbon material with photocatalytic ... read more

Nanofibers Developed for Healing Bone Fractures

Jan. 18, 2017 — In future, it may be possible to use nanofibres to improve the attachment of bone implants, or the fibers may be used directly to scaffold bone regeneration. This would aid the healing of fractures ... read more

Jan. 17, 2017 — Researchers offer a treatment algorithm, or protocol, for identifying patients with global (flail arm) brachial plexus injuries who are likely to benefit from trading in their insensate and ... read more

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