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Hearing Loss News

March 1, 2024

Top Headlines

While it's not surprising to spot teens wearing headphones and earbuds, it's also becoming a widespread trend among younger children, a national poll ...
Drugs that trap excess zinc in the inner ear could help restore lost hearing or, if administered before an expected loud sound exposure, can protect from hearing loss, study ...
People with aphasia have more trouble coming up with words they want to use when they're prompted by images and words that carry negative emotional meaning, new research ...
A novel gene therapy for hearing loss was administered to six children in China in a clinical trial. Each child had an inherited deafness caused by mutations in the OTOF gene, called DFNB9. The researchers report in a new study, after 26 weeks, five ...
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Earlier Headlines

Scientists can now pinpoint where someone is looking just by listening to their ears. Following a discovery that the ears emit subtle sounds when the eyes move, a new report finds that decoding the ...

A team of researchers employed hearing tests and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to determine whether hearing impairment is associated with differences in specific brain regions and affects dementia ...

Scientists have developed a novel approach that allows stem cells to be turned into retinal ganglion cells that are capable of migrating and surviving in the eye's retina. This approach presents ...

Researchers have discovered the key role of the extracellular environment in dictating the ability of mutated cells to induce cancer ...

Absorbing excess sound to make public environments like theaters and concert halls safer for hearing and using the unwanted sound waves to create electricity is the aim of a new paper. The authors ...

Researchers have developed a visualization tool that combines high-speed cameras and fluorescent injection to distinguish tumor tissue from normal tissue across cancer types. The team evaluated the ...

Researchers found that pre-existing immunity to Cytomegalovirus (CMV) can limit its transmission during pregnancy and protect against associated birth defects. The study marks an important step ...

As we age, many of us will eventually need hearing aids. In some cases, the reason for this may be a signaling pathway that controls auditory sensory cell function and is downregulated with ...

Researchers have developed a non-invasive method for mapping the human auditory pathway, which could potentially be used as a tool to help clinicians decide the best surgical strategy for patients ...

'Back-to-school' season means buying pens, figuring out the bus route, and ... earaches. Cutting corners with antibiotics, however, can accelerate resistance. Today, researchers report ...

For those with neurological or developmental disorders compromising speech, brain machine interfaces could help them communicate. But today's interfaces are slow and, from electrodes placed on ...

A deafened adult cannot recover the ability to hear, because the sensory hearing cells of the inner ear don't regenerate after damage. In two new studies scientists explain why this is the case ...

Specific receptors in the ears of mosquitoes have been revealed to modulate their hearing, finds a new study. Scientists say, this discovery could help develop new insecticides and control the spread ...

New research has successfully reversed hearing loss in mice. Scientists used a genetic approach to fix deafness in mice, restoring their hearing abilities in low and middle frequency ...

In a small, exploratory study, levels of certain types of microbes in babies' guts were shown to be associated with performance in tests of early cognitive ...

The researchers showed how bone erosion caused by cholesteatoma occurs. This study showed that a subset of cells called osteoclastogenic fibroblasts expresses a protein, activin A, which causes the ...

When a fragrance wafted through the bedrooms of older adults for two hours every night for six months, memories skyrocketed. Participants in this study reaped a 226% increase in cognitive capacity ...

The findings could benefit efforts to develop new ways to treat and prevent hearing loss, including age-related hearing ...

A cochlear signal, the exact role of which has been unclear since its discovery around 70 years ago, probably gives the brain information on whether the ear is functioning normally or not. These new ...

Researchers have developed a new method to deliver drugs into the inner ear.  The discovery was possible by harnessing the natural flow of fluids in the brain and employing a little understood ...

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