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Sports Medicine News

December 1, 2023

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Youth baseball players are prone to elbow pain and injuries, including repetitive overuse changes and fractures, based on the maturity of their bones, according to a new ...
The risk of serious injury from most exercise is astonishingly small, according to the results of a five-year study. Even forms of sport sometimes considered risky by the public, such as road ...
Scientists have found success in treating a 'neglected' inflammatory condition, polymyalgia rheumatica, with a drug that could provide an alternative to steroids for ...
Injuries of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), located in the knee, are typically thought to be caused by acute traumatic events, such as sudden twists. New work analyzing an animal model of ACLs suggests that such injuries can also occur as a ...
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Earlier Headlines

New research into injuries sustained by trail users has found mountain biking is not the dangerous, injury-plagued sport reserved for thrill-seekers that it is often perceived to be and that the ...

Research recommends authorities mandate that schools and sports organizations enforce policies to prevent ...

A new study finds concussions don't reduce the IQ of children. Findings may help to reduce parental fears regarding these common and concerning head injuries. Researchers looked at socioeconomic ...

Diet and training go hand in hand if you want to achieve the best results. Most athletes know this, and many of them closely monitor their energy intake and training. However, a new study shows that ...

Kinesiologists at McMaster University have found ketone supplements, used by some athletes hoping to cross the finish line faster, may in fact worsen performance. The new study tackles contradictory ...

Concussions are an unfortunate reality of contact sports at junior and senior levels. Now, sports experts are suggesting extended recovery times may be needed for youth athletes suffering from head ...

Nutrition is an important part of any top athlete's training program. And now, a new study proposes that supplementing the diet of athletes with colorful fruits and vegetables could improve ...

Repeatedly heading a soccer ball has been previously associated with negative long-term brain health for professional players. However, a new study found that a small number of repeated soccer ...

Marathon running is a popular sport. However, long-distance running can weaken and damage foot muscles, leading to chronic pain and running-related injuries. A new study reveals that marathon running ...

It is well known that the microbiomes of athletes are different from of those who are sedentary. To investigate how exercise shapes the gut microbiota in non-athletes, the study assessed information ...

New research has found that attending live sporting events as a spectator improves levels of wellbeing and reduces feelings of loneliness. This large-scale scientific study included data from 7,209 ...

The number of injuries in youth athletics is significantly reduced when coaches and parents have access to digital information on adolescent growth. It also takes twice as long for the first injury ...

CTE is a progressive neurodegenerative disease frequently found in contact sports athletes. However, many former contact sports athletes suffer from thinking problems and impulsive behavior in the ...

When it comes to chronic infections and cancer, a particular type of immune cell plays a central role in our defenses. Researchers have uncovered the key to the tenacity of these immune cells in ...

More than 350 former NFL players were studied on average 29 years after their playing careers ended. Retirees who experienced concussion symptoms during their playing careers were found to perform ...

Analysis of archers' biometric data during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics provides empirical support for something sports fans have long ...

Millions of endurance runners use footwear that has an embedded carbon fiber plate (CFP) in the midsole. While the performance benefits that carbon fiber plate footwear offers have been well ...

Over 600 CTE cases have been published in the literature from multiple international research groups. And of those over 600 cases, 97 percent have confirmed exposure to RHI, primarily through contact ...

New artificial intelligence technology being developed by engineers could significantly cut down on the time and cost that goes into film study for Super Bowl-bound teams (and all NFL and college ...

Potentially life-saving steroids commonly given to preterm babies also increase the risk of long-term cardiovascular problems, but a new study in rats has found that if given in conjunction with ...

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