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Women's Health News

December 10, 2023

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A new study demonstrates that the human gut microbiome may be a factor in breast ...
Research reveals that around 20 per cent of all cases of the most severe form of breast cancer may arise from the small group of normal tissue cells carrying an epimutation of a specific gene, called ...
has found that hormone levels, measured through blood tests, are an important indicator of whether women will benefit from recently licensed medication for the prevention of breast ...
A major clinical trial has found that vitamin D supplements do not increase bone strength or prevent bone fractures in children with vitamin D deficiency. The findings challenge widely held perceptions relating to the effects of vitamin D on bone ...
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A new study provides deeper insight into the safety of COVID-19 vaccines for people planning to become pregnant. The study found no increased risk of early or late miscarriage as a result of male or ...

A new sensor may make it easier for women to monitor their estradiol, which plays a role in health and ...

People with a higher cumulative estrogen exposure throughout their life may have a lower risk of cerebral small vessel disease, according to a new ...

Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals like PFAS and phenols are implicated in hormone-mediated cancers of the breast, ovaries, skin and uterus. To learn more about the environmental exposures ...

Thousands of people could be spared from a hip fracture each year if a new method to identify the risk of osteoporotic fractures were to be introduced in healthcare. This is the view of the ...

A standard chemotherapy drug injures surrounding non-cancer cells, which can then awakens dormant cancer cells and promotes cancer growth, according to a new study. The finding is important for ...

An advanced CT test can identify individuals with stable angina at a reduced risk of three-year adverse outcomes despite their having a high coronary artery calcium score, according to a new ...

Researchers found that living in an area with high levels of particulate air pollution was associated with an increased incidence of breast cancer. The study is one of the largest studies to date ...

New research has found that estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer presents differing metabolic signatures in the blood of African American women and non-Hispanic white ...

The ketogenic (keto) diet may lower testosterone levels in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), according to a new ...

Although about half of people go through menopause, less than 15% of them receive effective treatment for their symptoms. Treatment options for people experiencing irritating or severe menopause ...

An essential protein that acts as a gatekeeper for calcium entering cells promotes the growth of oral cancer and generates pain, according to a new study. Targeting this protein -- the ORAI1 calcium ...

Using a standardized assessment, researchers in the UK compared the performance of a commercially available artificial intelligence algorithm with human readers of screening ...

Researchers developed a new software tool, SparkMaster 2, that allows scientists to analyze normal and abnormal calcium activity in ...

The mechanism by which breast cancer is formed in the cells of mammalian epithelium has been discovered. Although roughly 20 mutations accumulate annually in each epithelial cell until menopause, the ...

Anti-estrogenic therapies can suppress the growth of cancer that does not express estrogen receptors; when combined with immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies, they halt tumor progression in mice ...

Women with larger breasts tend to exercise less frequently and avoid high-intensity exercise and a new study has found much improved participation in recreational group exercises after breast ...

Researchers have found some women with early-stage, low-risk breast cancer may not need radiotherapy after breast conserving ...

A collaborative study provides compelling evidence that combining an investigational oral drug with standard-of-care medications reverts hormone resistance and increases Rx effectiveness in ...

Tumor cells are known to be fickle sleeper agents, often lying dormant in distant tissues for years before reactivating and forming metastasis. Numerous factors have been studied to understand why ...

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