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Pregnancy and Childbirth News
September 28, 2016

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September 28, 2016

Sep. 28, 2016 — Offspring with a father who smoked prior to conception had more than three times higher chance of early-onset asthma than children whose father had never smoked. Both a father's early smoking ... read more

Adverse Outcomes Not Improved in Novel Screen-and-Treat Program for Malaria in Pregnancy

Sep. 13, 2016 — A novel strategy to screen pregnant women for malaria with rapid diagnostic tests and treat the test-positive women with effective antimalarials does not lower the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes ... read more

Research Evaluates Risk Factors for Postpartum Depression in Mothers of Preterm Infants

Sep. 13, 2016 — Postpartum depression is the most common complication of pregnancy and childbirth, affecting up to 15 percent of all women within the first three months following delivery. Research has shown that ... read more

Sep. 13, 2016 — Eggs can be 'tricked' into developing into an embryo without fertilization, but the resulting embryos, called parthenogenotes, die after a few days because key developmental processes ... read more

A New Tumor Suppressor Gene for Breast Cancer in Mice

Sep. 13, 2016 — Researchers have revealed a role for an X-linked protein kinase Nrk in terminating the proliferation of mammary epithelial cells during pregnancy and thereby preventing breast tumorigenesis in ... read more

Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes Before Pregnancy Associated With Several Poor Outcomes for Baby, Including Abnormal Size, Jaundice, Low Blood Sugar, and Malformations

Sep. 12, 2016 — Both gestational diabetes (which develops during pregnancy) and pre-gestational diabetes (present before conception) in a pregnant woman are associated with a range of poor outcomes for her child, ... read more

Sep. 12, 2016 — Women who reported feeling more stressed during their ovulatory window were approximately 40-percent less likely to conceive during that month than other less stressful months, research ... read more

Placenta Plays Pivotal 'Umpire' Role to Influence Pregnancy Outcomes

Sep. 12, 2016 — The amount of nutrients transported to the fetus by the placenta adjusts according to both the fetal drive for growth, and the mother’s physical ability to provide, new research ... read more

Sep. 12, 2016 — For the first time, abnormal brain development following a Zika infection during pregnancy has been documented experimentally in the offspring of a non-human primate. The researchers' ... read more

Many Adolescent Girls With Leukemia Are Not Being Screened for Pregnancy Before Beginning Chemotherapy

Sep. 12, 2016 — A new study indicates that adolescent females with acute leukemia have low rates of pregnancy screening prior to receiving chemotherapy that can cause birth defects. Although many chemotherapy drugs ... read more

Postpartum Psychosis Big Risk for Mothers With Bipolar Disorder

Sep. 9, 2016 — Pregnant women with bipolar disorder and their families and physicians should be aware of a significantly higher risk for developing postpartum psychosis, according to a new review of literature on ... read more

Maternal Gastric Bypass May Be Associated With Low Birth Weight Babies

Sep. 9, 2016 — Women who undergo gastric bypass surgery for weight loss risk giving birth to babies that are small or have lower average birth ... read more

Sep. 9, 2016 — Experts have devised a method that uses the urinary proteome to diagnose conditions in newborn babies. In the future, this urine-based diagnostic method will enable specialists not only to detect a ... read more

Tamoxifen Resistance Linked to High Estrogen Levels in Utero

Sep. 8, 2016 — Resistance to tamoxifen therapy in some estrogen receptor positive breast cancers may originate from in utero exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals, research in animal studies suggests. This ... read more

Steroid Treatment for IVF Problems May Do More Harm Than Good

Sep. 8, 2016 — Researchers are urging doctors and patients to refrain from using a specific steroid treatment to treat infertility in women unless clinically indicated, because of its links to miscarriage, preterm ... read more

Ten Year Time Limit on Storing Human Eggs Should Be Scrapped, Says New Research

Sep. 8, 2016 — The 10 year statutory time limit on the storage of human eggs should be scrapped to allow women to freeze their eggs for longer periods, according to new ... read more

Early Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Oral Contraceptive Cost Sharing

Sep. 7, 2016 — Researchers have examined how the Affordable Care Act mandate requiring most commercial insurance plans to cover Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive methods, without cost sharing ... read more

Transgender Youth Are as Likely to Become Pregnant as Other Adolescents

Sep. 7, 2016 — Sexually active transgender youth have pregnancy rates similar to their non-transgender peers -- dispelling the notion that trans youth are less at risk for pregnancy, according to new ... read more

Sep. 7, 2016 — An association between maternal smoking during pregnancy and an increased risk for Tourette syndrome and other chronic tic disorders has been uncovered by researchers. The link seems especially ... read more

Twins Should Be Delivered at 37 Weeks to Minimize Deaths, Say Experts

Sep. 6, 2016 — Twins should be delivered at 37 weeks' gestation to minimize stillbirths and newborn deaths, and there is no clear evidence to support routine delivery before 36 weeks' gestation, finds a ... read more

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