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September 23, 2023

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A study with 775 mother-child pairs in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) finds an association with maternal exposure to certain plasticizers (phthalates) and smaller volumetric measures in the brain of ...
Researchers have shown that placental examination resulted in the accurate pathologic determination of more than 90% of previously unexplained pregnancy losses, a discovery that they say may inform pregnancy care going ...
New research provides insight about the bedrock scientific principle that mitochondrial DNA -- the distinct genetic code embedded in the organelle that serves as the powerplant of every cell in the body -- is exclusively passed down by the ...
Researchers have achieved a significant breakthrough in identifying the primary cause and potential treatment for preeclampsia, a severe pregnancy complication. Experts pinpointed a toxic protein named cis P-tau in the blood and placenta of ...

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Breastfeeding has long been used as a method to help keep newborns healthy and protected against a variety of diseases. But certain sugars naturally found in breastmilk could also help prevent ...

Mothers who eat apples and herbs in early pregnancy could be protecting the brain health of their children and grandchildren, a study using genetic models has found. The discovery is part of a ...

Corticosteroids are used to increase very preterm infant survival rates and reduce health issues, however the effects on the infant's long-term health have not been well understood, particularly ...

Researchers are delving into the molecular-level details of sperm formation, with a particular focus on how abnormalities in this process might lead to male-factor ...

A new study of cadmium in pregnant women yields crucial insights into the placenta's role in regulating toxin ...

Researchers have developed a drug delivery system that shows promise for greatly enhancing the efficacy of the medicine given to women with the life-threatening condition of ectopic ...

A new study has shown that hardship experienced by mothers during their own childhood or during pregnancy is reflected in the composition of their 2-year-old children's gut microbiome. It was ...

Gastrulation, the process where an embryo reorganizes itself from a hollow sphere into a multilayered structure, is considered a 'black box' of human development. This is because human ...

Young children who were exposed to commonly-prescribed anti-seizure medications in utero do not have worse neurodevelopmental outcomes than children of women who do not take anti-seizure ...

Immune system changes in the pregnant body that protect the fetus appear to extend to the brain, where a decrease in immune cells late in gestation may factor into the onset of maternal behavior, new ...

What determines whether we become overweight? Aside from lifestyle, predisposition plays a role, but genes cannot fully explain the inherited propensity to accumulate excess weight. A new study shows ...

Researchers lead a study showing the cellular detail of how the placenta changes during ...

A team of researchers published new findings that emphasize the crucial role of the urinary and genital tract microbiota in adverse pregnancy outcomes and genomic instability that originate in the ...

Data scientists have created an artificial intelligence model that may more accurately predict which existing medicines, not currently classified as harmful, may in fact lead to congenital ...

Complications from preeclampsia are the second-leading cause of maternal death around the ...

The incidence of primary involuntary childlessness, the rate of women seeking treatment for infertility, as well as the success rate of assisted reproductive technology all increased in birth cohorts ...

Medical researchers have reported a significant rise in cases of IFH injuries in recent years, with maternity staff implementing varied approaches and no consensus regarding the definition or ...

Detrimental effects of all severities of maternal dengue infections on birth outcomes have been discovered in a new research ...

Fetuses use a copy of a gene inherited from their dad to force their mum to release as much nutrients as possible during pregnancy, scientists have discovered. The unborn baby 'remote ...

Researchers showed that consuming THC while pregnant could potentially affect development of the fetus and lead to life-long health impacts for ...

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